Becoming a scholar at the Hegel Academy requires that you agree to contents of this document (please read carefully so that you understand everything):

Terms and Conditions

1) Scholarship Rules

1.1) ONLY ONE account/scholarship per person. Anyone found or suspected to have multiple accounts will be removed from the program and may forfeit gained SLP. Looking for another scholarship while a scholar at the Hegel Academy is also a ban-able offence.

If you get your account banned you will NOT receive any SLP and will be PERMANENTLY BANNED from the scholarship.

1.2) Anyone found to have multi-accounted in the past will be dealt with on a case by case basis. However, it will probably result in being removed from the program.

1.3) You are NOT ALLOWED to share QR codes/login details with anyone else. Anyone found to be sharing QR codes will be removed immediately from the program.

1.4) We reserve the right to move axies in and out of accounts based on the needs of the program. If you are unfairly affected by this (e.g. due to resetting levels) you may request compensation/leniency regarding the SLP quota.

1.5) Be respectful to fellow scholars (follow the rules of the Hegel Academy discord). Repeat violators will be removed from the program.

1.6) Follow the general terms and conditions of Axie Inifinity as listed here (

1.7) By participating in this program you consent to being referred to as a “Hegel Scholar”. You must also try to embody the spirit of the German idealist philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, of whom this program is named after.

2) SLP Rules

2.1) We charge a 30 SLP rental fee for Trainee accounts and 50 SLP rental fee for Apprentice accounts.

2.2) We take a 40% cut of anything you earn above 75 SLP (Trainee)/135 SLP (Apprentice)

3) Payment Rules

3.1) At the moment we will claim and payout on the 10th and 25th day of the month. Payout will be carried out in SLP via ronin (please open a ronin account to receive funds). We also offer ETH/BUSD (binance account required) payouts. Message one of the team for details.

3.2) ID may be required for payouts – on a discretionary basis.


Make an application below

If you are interested, please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We are currently offering two types of scholarships: Trainee and Apprentice. Apprentice accounts will require commitment and dedication, underperforming apprentices will be removed from the program. We will be monitoring apprentices carefully and you will be put into a squad of 10-20 other apprentices under supervision of a ‘Tutor’. Well-performing apprentices may be offered promotions or permanent paid positions at the academy. Here are the terms:

  • Trainee accounts: Weaker team for adventure (PvE), 30 SLP per day rental fee
  • Apprentice accounts: Strong team with synergy for arena (PvP), 50 SLP per day rental fee

Please answer the following questions:

1) Why do you want to become a Hegel Scholar?
2) Do you have experience in another Axie Scholarship program?
3) Do you have a special skill (apart from playing Axie Infinity) that can help the Hegel Academy (e.g. art/drawing/video making/)?
4) Are you interested in a leadership position at the academy? If yes, how would you contribute?
4) Who is your favourite philosopher and why?